Born from a need to stand out and deliver bespoke fragrances for the discerning metropolitan guest.

The PRIVADA brand started as an entry point in 2019 to cater to the desires for only the finest scents and luxury experiences.

We offer the most unique oil based perfumery in the country, made with only one intent, to make you feel special.

While other brands offer the run of the mill generic designer perfume, we exclusively cater niche fragrance houses such as Frederic Malle, Xerjoff, Le Labo and private limited collections from Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton inspired fragrances.

Our concertrations are Eau de Parfum extraits (EDP), meaning a minium of 30 percent pure perfume oil  used in each bottle, resulting in the longest longevity, performance and sillage.

Privada Parfums is a  proudly South African brand that caters to the emerging metropolitan and afropolitan market.